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Things are really heating up on PLL as Ali wants to meet Emily in secret, Spencer corners a drug company CEO and we finally get to see Toby shirtless. He still blathers on about his mom but we can see his abs so it's okay. Your hosts Melissa & Ben break it all down for you as we watched PLL episode 16 of season 4 entitled Close Encounters.

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On the second episode of Pretty Little Podcasters, we delve into the steamy pages of Ali's diary. We get to explore a secret relationship from Hanna's past (not so shockingly for PLL, it is very age inappropriate), witness EzrA start to get sloppy and, yes, more about Toby's mother. Still don't care, Toby. Still don't care.

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Pretty Little Podcasters is a show that breaks down and unpacks each new episode of your favorite guilty pleasure and ours, Pretty Little Liars. On this, the very first podcast, your hosts Melissa & Ben (M & B) dig into the season four winter premiere of PLL entitled Who's In The Box. We fearlessly ask the big questions like where has Ali been? What secrets await in the pages of her diary? What really happened to Toby's mom? Well, we ask those first two questions and really don't care about the third. Seriously, no one cares about Toby's mom.

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