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{S04 E20} "Free Fall" with special guest April Richardson!

This is such an epic episode of PLL that the Pretty Little Podcasters had to bring in back up in the form of the hilarious, insightful, splendid, amazing and (again) hilarious April Richardson! You've seen her on Chelsea Lately and you damn well better be listening to her podcast, Go Bayside! Now, she is sitting down with us to watch her very first episode of Pretty Little Liars and together we can conquer the madness! This episode is full of caffeine pill withdrawl, instantaneous darkness, snowless ski lifts, Aria's intense face acting and more green screen than a Star Wars prequel. As you can see we've got a lot to discuss so stop the dilly dally and hit play! 

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{S04 E19} "Shadow Play"

It has finally happened, you guys. Spencer's brain cracked under the pressure of a day and a half of caffeine pills and she's living in a 1940's film. The long awaited "film noir" episode of PLL is here! And we are here to decipher the black and white madness! Every silky night gown is covered! Every sweeping close up is examined! Every overly dramatic reveal accounted for! And M & B bring you lots of horrible 1940's speak. Seriously, like way more than you would ever want. So, dames and fellas, let's 23 skidoo because this time the devil is giving away free samples!

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{S04 E18} "Hot For Teacher"

One of the Liars knows who A is and s**t is about to go down, y'all. But before Spencer tells the other girls she has to be absolutely sure. Spence does quite a bit of detectiving this episode folks so buckle in. Oh, she does a lot of drugs, too. Detectiving and drugs. And chickpeas factor heavily into this episode of PLL as well. And in this episode we also meet M & B's favorite new character, Bob the extra. We are certain you'll love him, too. Oh, and there's also a bonus review of the Ravenswood winter finale. So, that's something.

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{S04 E17} "Bite Your Tongue"

On this week's episode of Pretty Little Liars things are so bonkers that Hanna is reading. Of her own accord. No one can believe it. Spencer is hot on Board Shorts' trail. Emily, the perpetual weak link, is being tormented by A. And pretty little Aria is a rageaholic now, you guys. So that's fun. As you can see, there is plenty to talk about! Hit play and let's get to it! 

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