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{S04 E24} "A is for Answers"

The season four finale of Pretty Liars happened, you guys. And not only is A for answers but A is totally for Amaze-balls! This episode is truly bonkers, I can't even begin to tell you. We get to live the events of the fateful September night with Ali (Or as we're calling it, her "Hey College Age Dude, We Didn't Actually Have Sex" Tour) So, put down that worn copy of Tender is the Night that you read every summer and let's do this!  

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{S04 E23} "Unbridled"

The penultimate episode of Pretty Little Liars season four is here. With the revelation that Ezra thinks Mrs. D is "A," the Liars are sliding on their fingerless wedding gloves and working overtime! Spencer even gets to play in the Dilaurentis back yard (aka the Black Forest). We learn how bear traps work. We learn Travis has terrible ideas and we learn how to get engaged in two languages! You'll be so much smarter after this. We promise.

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{S04 E22} "Cover For Me"

On this week's installment of ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, high school student Aria spends  the episode whoring it up in a hotel room in Syracuse. Oh, and she has pancakes and raids the mini-bar. Meanwhile Spence, Em and Hanna have a day much less centered around pineapple schnapps and a spent box of condoms. 

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