Pretty Little Podcasters
{S05 E04} "Thrown From the Ride"

On this week's Pretty Little Podcasters we review a very special episode of PLL. And by "special" we mean "rapey." And we are not just talking about Aria and Ezra flirting with each other again. There are lotsa allusions to Ali having been raped while "in captivity." She even goes to a pitch dark doctor's office for an exam. Pretty Little Liars is all geared up for episode 100 so let's just get through episode 99 together, you guys.

Meanwhile, Becca from AP History is a huge a**hole. Aria should smack her.

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{S05 E05} "Miss Me x 100" with Jackie Kashian!

Pretty Little Liars. Episode 100. We made it, you guys. And as with all monumental episodes we had to enlist help from a monumental guest. To help us wade through the insanity, we have the hilarious and uh-mazing host of the Dork Forest podcast, Jackie Kashian! It is a shipper's wet dream as we get some Emison, some Spoby and lots of Ezria. Way too much Ezria, if we're being frank. Anyway, Ali starts the day by going back to school and ends it by getting in a slap fight with Mona in a church. Some stuff happens in between and Jackie is here to break down each gasp-inducing minute as only she can!

Meanwhile, Caleb's back! For just three seconds but him and his fabulous new haircut are back!

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{S05 E03} "Surfing the Aftershocks"

PLL is marking time until episode 100, let's not lie. So in the meantime they are throwing some bonkers stuff at us. Listen as M & B surf the aftershocks (not a thing) of Ali's return to Rosewood and her mother's death. We talk about the massive police investigation that happens after Ali comes back from the dead the same day her mother is murdered. Oh, wait, that didn't happen. Instead, we talk about the Ali laying on her bed montage that happened instead.

Meanwhile, your hosts come to the conclusion that they are totally Team Mona. #MonasArmy 

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{S05 E02} "Whirly Girly" with Graham Elwood!

On this week's episode, M & B are joined by podcasting royalty, Graham Elwood! He is one half of the Comedy Film Nerds podcast, a founder of the LA Podcast Festival and just one of the funniest dudes around. And he settles in to watch his first ever episode of Pretty Little Liars. Did we make a PLL convert out of him? How are Aria and Bruce Wayne pretty much the same person? You will have to hit play to find out!

Meanwhile, we get to meet Mr. DiLaurentis (for the first time?) as Rosewood learns that Ali is still alive, Spencer gets vaguely racist and Pepe. Pepe happens in this episode. 

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