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{S05 E09} "March of Crimes"

Have we mentioned how much we love Lt. Tanner? She gets precious little screen time each ep but Sweet Fancy Moses does she make it count. LT puts the screws to Aria and her mom about Ezra and his connection to Shana. It is amazing! All that plus Emily is riding a bike for some reason, Jenna and Sydney coordinate theiroutfits, we see glimmers of the old Caleb we love and Emily threatens to drown someone for being nice to a blind girl. Pretty Little Liars is better than ever! 

Meanwhile, Noel sits in his car, on the busiest street in town, windows down, listening to a super secret recording at full volume. It's awesome.

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S05 E08} "Scream for Me"

You guys, it is going down and it all starts here. For starters, the Pretty Little Liars are all in the choir now! Since when do any of these girls sing? Toby wants to be a cop, Big Rhonda fat jokes keep are plentiful, near death by horse and THE BUCKET INCIDENT!

Meanwhile, Aria's mom is still getting married. Do you remember she got engaged last season? Well, she did and we get to spend more time with her finace. And he is handsy.

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{S05 E07} "The Silence of E. Lamb"

Marissa is back to help break down another ep of PLL! And despite the Hannibal reference in the title we don't get to see Mona eat anyone's liver with fava beans and a nice chianti. Sidebar, that is the season of Pretty Little Liars I want to see where Mona goes full Hannibal Lecter and starts cannibalizing those rude little liars. Anyway, what we actually see in this ep is Spencer borrowing Ezra's pervy spy equipment to spy on her sister. Hanna must navigate between the feuding Caleb and Ali. And Emily is put on guard as her mom drops a diabolical bombshell on her: she wants to have Emily's friends over for dinner! 

Meanwhile, Big Rhonda, you guys.

Big. Rhonda. 

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{S05 E06} "Run, Ali, Run"

Melissa is not here this week (she will be back, fret not!) but in her stead we are happy to have a Guest M! Her name is Marissa and she's awesome so you're in good hands. In this episode of Pretty Little Liars we discuss Ali's runaway plan and how these teenagers have instant access to thousands of dollars of cash in the middle of the night. And Lt. Tanner knows the ladies are lying and is hot on the heels of the PLL girls and is about to bust their whole story wide open. And it took her five seconds.

Meanwhile, Spencer wrongfully accuses her dad of being a murderer. Again. 

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