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Where do we start? The Fatal Finale of the Pretty Little Liars mid-season delivered in every imagineable way so the whole PLP gang unites to break it down! There are Christmas boobs! There is a break in at Radley! Mona is as Mona as ever! Paige's curly hair isn't looking that bad any more! We even learn how the late Mrs. D was quite bed-hopper which leads to a discussion of how Ali and Bethenny are probably sisters or the same person or something. We got a lot to discuss, y'all. 

Meanwhile, we realize that Ali needs to stop wearing the whole jean jacket and floral dress combo right away. 

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{S05 E11} "No One Here Can Love or Understand Me" with Mike Schmidt!

We have reached the penultimate episode of the Pretty Little Liars summer season. That means it's time for Melissa's secret! Set up your tripod, get the mood lighting right and let's do this! But we can't handle Melissa's secret alone (literally, we were both very confused) so we enlisted help to conquer the madness! We are joined by the host of The 40 Year Old Boy podcast, the man behind the fantastic stand-up album The Big Angry  and a man we can only describe as the Mark Twain of podcasting, ladies and gents, it's Mike Schmidt! He teaches us so many things including how Tanner went to the Columbo school of detectiving. And we wonder why Specer talks to a computer screen so much when she could just call her real life sister. They both have phones. On them. At all times. Seriously, Melissa went to London, not one of Jupiter's moons. 

Meanwhile, the awesome logo for this episode was done by the wickedly talented David Hernandez. If you want some awesome art of your own you can find him at

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{S05 E10} "A Dark Ali" with Chris Mancini!

We are creeping ever closer to the Pretty Little Liars (mid-season) Fatal Finale so to help us get through this dark alley (you guys, it's a double entandre) we had to enlist the help of one half of the Comedy Film Nerds, author, director Chris Mancini! This episode introduces us to Ali's fake kidnapper and teaches that even if you confess to a crime and reveal knowledge of intimate details of said crime the police will still release you from prison within 48 hours. And Spencer is killing it in an avant garde Indiana Jones outfit. She has perhaps never looked better in all of PLL herstory. 

Meanwhile, the girls send weak link Emily to stand up to Ali on their behalf. Shockingly, it doesn't go well.

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