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PLP Retro: "The First Secret" with special guest Pamela Murphy!

Pretty Little Liars is still on hiatus so that gives us a chance to go back and revisit some our favorite episodes from past seasons. It is October so, naturally, we are going to cover a Halloween episode. In fact, we are covering the first Halloween episode inexplicably called "The First Secret" (episode 13 from season 2). And what fun is a PLL Halloween ep if we don't share it with someone? 

We invited Pamela Murphy to come watch her first episode of PLL with us! She has been on The Hotwives of Orlando, she is a mainstay at the UCB Theater, been on epic episodes of Comedy Bang! Bang! (the podcast and the television show) and a million other projects that she has made all the better by her presence. She is absolutely hilarious and we simply could not have asked for a better guest. You need to hit play and listen to us deconstruct everthing from sex-with-sheep jokes to Ali's test that breaks every single principle of logic known to man. 

Meanwhile, Ali eats a giant finger-full of ketchup and we are all appropriately disgusted.

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PLP Movie Club: Teen Spirit

Pretty Little Liars is on hiatus so it is clearly time for another episode of the Movie Club where we talk about movies starring PLL cast members. This week we break down the ABC Family TV movie Teen Spirit starring Lindsey Shaw (aka Paige)! It is October and we wanted to do a scary movie and this one has a teenager being electrocuted to death in front of the whole school who then comes back as a ghost to haunt the school's biggest loser. Scary stuff, right?

Meanwhile, as is standard with the Movie Club, we talk about the movie for about fifteen minutes then veer off and talk about other nonsense for over an hour. Fair warning, you guys. We talk as much about Batman vs. Superman and Sons of Anarchy as we do Teen Spirit. And Glee gets a lot of attention for some reason. We also talk about the fall tv line-up because that's why you're here, to know our thoughts on Gotham. We get so far off track that we forget to talk about the movie's big final joke: a second teenage girl gets electrocuted to death!

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