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PLP Retro: "This is a Dark Ride" with special guest Kira Soltanovich!

The PLL hiatus continues. But we are not gonna let that get us down because it means we get to do another PLP Retro ep! We have been wanting to break down the Adam Lambert Halloween episode forever so we finally do it! Who cares if Halloween is over? Time is relative, man.

And special eps mean special guests! Our guest is just one of the best stand-ups working today. Period. Okay, well, not period because we want to brag on her some more. She has her own phenomenal podcast, worked for The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and did we mention she's just plain f***ing hilarious? She is Kira Soltaonovich! Seriously, you guys, your humble hosts M & B come off as awkward pause machines because we just cannot keep up with the rapid-fire wit of Kira. She's awesome. We simply could not ask for a better guest to have for the episode where Adam Lambert flirts with Arararara (that will make sense when you listen to the podcast so get to it!).

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PLP Retro: "Keep Your Friends Close"

Does this Pretty Little Liars hiatus feel longer than others? It does to us. But that is totally okay because we get to do another PLP Retro! Today we a going all the way back to season one to revisit the infamous glamping episode (season one, episode ten). You think you remember this episode but you don't. Well, at least we really didn't. We straight up forgot most of it actually. We were also fairly punchy to be honest. If you haven't relived an early PLL episode in a while then this is a great time to do it.

Meanwhile, Ms. Marin steals from old ladies all the while passing out hundred dollar bills to her kid!

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