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PLP Movie Club: "Scream 4" with special guests CAbernet And A!!

We are beyond elated to have Chelsea White and Sue Funke back on the show! You know them as the hosts of the fabulous CAbernet And A podcast!

They join us to break down Scream 4 which stars (for two whole minutes) PLL's own Lucy Hale! Listen, we know Halloween was last week but we aren't going to let The Man tell us when we can or cannot watch a scary movie. Got it? Plus, any excuse to discuss Scream and horror movies in general with Sue and Chelsea is fine by us.

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PLP Movie Club: Jem and the Holograms

You guys, this episode is truly, truly, truly outrageous.

Ashton from Skeet Skeet: The Noah's Arc Podcast joins Ben for a super-special-in-theaters-now-podcast-crossover edition of the PLP Movie Club! Ben has been waiting since he was seven for a Jem movie. Was it worth the wait? Guess you'll have to listen to find out. It has Karate Jake wearing nothing but a towel so it's got that much working in its favor at the very least.

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PLP Movie Club: John Carpenter's They Live

The PLP Movie Club is back with the perfect movie to kick off the Halloween season: John Carpenter's They Live!

If anyone counts how many different ways Melissa mispronounces Rowdy Roddy Piper's name, they will get a special prize!

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Season 6B Sneak Peak with Marco and Benjamin of Bros Watch PLL Too!

The first four minutes of season 6B have been released and we are busting to talk about it! That is why we could not be more thrilled to be joined by Marco Sparks and Benjamin Light of the Bros Watch PLL Too podcast!

Together we dig down into the burning questions: what the hell is with that horrendous green screen? What has gone so wrong in Emily's life? Radley Sanitarium is now a hotel... called The Radley?! Seriously, what the hell is that green screen?

What's your take on the sneak peak? Be sure to share it with us on Twitter @PrettyLittlePod!

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PLP Fall TV Review/Preview

What TV should we all be watching while we anxiously await PLL's return? Just so you know, we set out to do a 20 minute mini-sode about it so you should not be surprised that it turned into almost two hours. And we do sneak in some PLL talk since the news and teaser pics from the new intro dropped today!

Be sure to share your thoughts on what shows we should all be watching during this loooooong PLL hiatus. What did we miss? What did we pre-judge wrong and should actually watch? How much do you love The Muppets? You can get at us on Twitter @PrettyLittlePod!

Come on back next time when the PLP Movie Club resumes with the cult classic: John Carpenter's They Live!

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{S06 E10} "Game Over, Charles"

You guys. Seriously. The Summer of Answers is no joke. Granted, we got all the answers in the span of 42 minutes but, damnit, we still got 'em! Your humble hosts break down each answer and, since this is Pretty Little Liars, each new question thrown out by this gonzo bonkers episode. Let's dig in!

Did you love the reveal? Did you not? Let us hear it on Twitter @PrettyLittlePod.

Be the Emily to our [Insert Name of Crazy Lesbian Here] and leave us a good review in iTunes, won't you?

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{S06 E09} "Last Dance"

NOTE: PLL talk starts at minute 42!

Now, last week we asked for prom stories and you guys did not disappoint! We start off by reading the most enthralling listener prom tales. You guys just need to hear to believe. Ben's prom actually wasn't too bad as it turns out.

And it is great that there were prom tales to share because this episode of Pretty Little Liars was almost wall to wall filler! Well, except for the Real Housewives of Rosewood. We could've watched an entire hour of that and been more than happy. Cuz the #PLLProm was, let's face it, a real snoozer.

Meanwhile, awesome listener @zipper_pull HAND STITCHED a fantastic PLL pillow and wants to give it away to one of our dear listeners! All the details are contained within so listen up!

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{S06 E08} "FrAmed"

Well, it was another Pretty Little Liars filler episode as we kill time before a giant big ol' reveal. We got some more Clark (never a bad thing), met a sexy new "Faux-Laurentis" called Rhys and Ali completely f**ks over Lorenzo. He should have seen that coming, this one's on him. He was warned. By literally everyone.

Meanwhile, we could not more be looking forward to next week's super fancy PLL prom! So, Marissa and Ben chat about the difference between a Los Angeles, California prom and a Butte, Montana prom. Turns out the differences are everything.

Also, be sure to check out our other podcast Murder, We Spoke this week because not only did we get in some great PLL talk but we had an AMAZING guest, Molly McAleer!

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{S06 E07} "O Brother, Where Art Thou" with Chelsea & Sue of CAbernet And A!

Alright guys, your letter writing campaign has finally paid off and the PLL podcast crossover event you've been demanding has arrived! The insanely wonderful hosts of CAbernet And A are our guests (or actually we are their guests, technically)! And even though half the episode was Emily and Sara's awkward non-romantic romance it still gave us a lot to talk about. You want an example? How about Mike's horrific bleached, torn and bedazzled denim shirt that he stole off the set of Nashville? Yeah, we dig down deep into the most important Pretty Little Liars issues of the day.

And once you listen to the episode you are going to want to follow the amazing and hilarious Chelsea White (@TheChelseaWhite) and Sue Funke (@TheSueFunke) on Twitter because, in case we haven't mentioned it, they're fantastic.

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{S06 E06} "No Stone Unturned"

Lesli can afford a Range Rover. She's a mentally unstable TA and she's driving a brand new Range Rover. I take the bus. F**k her.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Marin facilitates a good deep dickin' for her daughter.

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{S06 E05} "She's No Angel"

This was such an amazing episode of Pretty Little Liars! I am not going to lie, your hosts were like cats chasing laser pointers and really just went all over the place. It is a real stream of consciousness podcast so buckle in. I mean, Ali is kissing Lorenzo, Weak Link Emily in full force, Mean Dean is back, A has boobies, Hanna has never looked better, where's Ezra, do the writers even know how weed works at all... Whew, as you can see there is much to discuss.

Meanwhile, the first full 20 minutes may be TV talk unrelated to PLL. You know how we get.

And be a pal and leave us a kind review on iTunes as that is all it takes to help spread the word and get the podcast to grow so we can talk PLL with everyone!

You can also get at us on Twitter @PrettyLittlePod or email us through our website because we want to hear all of your crazy and demented theories!

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{S06 E04} "Don't Look Now"

This was a great episode of Pretty Little Liars! And you know this is an important episode because there is a Chad Lowe budget. That's right, Aria's dad is back from weekend college to help his daughter through her PTS. We learn so much about Charles and some of it may even be true! Plus, Caleb. He just gets his awesomeness all over everything as per usual. To kick off the episode, M & B discuss their very first one star review from iTunes. Melissa may have taken it a little personally, you guys.

Meanwhile, we naturally have to take a moment to discuss the cancellation of our Side Piece Show, Hannibal. It is a sad day, Fannibals. If you're getting caught up (Ashton), there are very minor Hannibal spoilers.

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{S06 E03} "Songs of Experience" with special guest Tom McNab!

You've heard us read his theories on almost every episode and now he is finally on the show! Ladies and gentlemen, we have the utterly delightful and insightful Tom Mcnab as our super special guest! He brings the genius theories and pretty much schools your humble hosts with his PLL knowledge. And that's a good thing because Dr. Sullivan is back, Sara Harvey is getting close to Weak Link Emily, Junkie Spencer is about to make a comeback and we need Tom's Brain more than ever!

Meanwhile, we learn that blue is not Spencer's color (like, at all) and why the stylists on this show hate Ali.

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{S06 E02} "Songs of Innocence"

Somebody turn on a light because Pretty Little Liars is getting dark! And by dark we mean an entire episode devoted to the Liars dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and lots (and lots) of rape allusions. But luckily the girls have their parents to walk behind them and whine that they aren't getting over things quick enough. All the moms are here and are all, pretty much, monsters to their traumatized children. This may be a brutal episode but at least Melissa ends the podcast with an uplifting song that may or may not involve Nazis.

Meanwhile, Rosewood PD has instituted the "Fresh Perspectives" program and race relations in Rosewood take two steps forward and one giant step back.

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{S06 E01} "Game On, Charles"

Remember how bonkers the season finale of season five was? Season six picks up right where it left off and does not miss a beat! Your intrepid hosts are here to break down the madness. The girls are still in The Dollhouse and Charles' plan is really coming together. We have some AMAZING listener theories to share. Seriously, you guys brought it. So what are you still reading this for? Hit play and let's get back into The Dollhouse!

Meanwhile, Toby calls Spencer "babe" and it is somehow the creepiest thing in an episode filled with rape allusions and Ezra's pedophile beard.

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PLP Movie Club: The Boy Next Door

How much is there to talk about in this movie? Well, the first hour of this podcast covers, no joke, only the fist fifteen minutes. I just don't even know what else to say. Just don't listen to this episode all at once. This is meant to be digested in manageable chunks.

Meanwhile, we take a quick break in the middle to discuss women in film using Avengers: Age of Ultron as a jumping off point. Then it is right back into the family drama/horror movie/rom-com that is The Boy Next Door!

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PLP Movie Club: The Lizzie Mcguire Movie!

Bad Italian accents? Nay, offensive Italian accents? Endless montages of scootering across Rome? Brilliant children and moronic adults? Syrupy sweet pop music? Yes, yes, yes, yes and yes. This all adds up to a Disney tween movie.

Join us as we discover the glory that is The Lizzie Mcguire Movie! M & M have seen it before (multiple times). B is being introduced to it for the very first time.  So, however you are approaching this movie we have you covered!

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Murder, She Podcasted

Pretty Little Podcasters proudly presents...

Murder, She Podcasted

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{S05 E25} "Welcome to the Dollhouse"

The whole gang (M & M & B) is here! We enter the Dollhouse and, frankly, we never want to leave! The Dollhouse is so much better than prison. We get to decorate for a creepy opera prom, watch old home movies, have access to all the Twinkies we can eat (even though there is no where to go the bathroom), wear fancy dresses (obvs) and, most fun, we learn how to make an EMP! 

Meanwhile, Toby handles a weapon for the first time and the Hastings parents are back and lawyering all over the place!

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{S05 E24} "I'm a Good Girl, I Am"

The penultimate episode of season five of Pretty Little Liars is here and there is no shortage of things to talk about! Such as Perd Hapley! Tether ball! Ali's verdict! Archery! Grapefruits! Bob Durst! OJ! And other trials that were based in the real world!

Meanwhile, we read some awesome listener theories and get in a nice preview of next week's season finale. We cannot wait to get into The Dollhouse!

You can send us your theories from the sane to the hail marys (ALL of our contact info is at And please take a moment to leave us a good review on iTunes. We would appreciate that as much as Ali would appreciate a competant defense attorney!

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{S05 E23} "The Melody Lingers On"

The melody lingers on? Ali's f&#@ing trial lingers on! This may be the shortest murder trial of all time but still feels like its dragging! We therefore talk about the cavalcade of legal inaccuracies that permeate the air. We also chat about how effortlessly Caleb slipped in to the group in Hanna's absence. Uh, we love Caleb. Don't you love Caleb? Aria is also oddly on point this episode. Basically, PLL is killing time until the alleged #BigAReveal in the season finale so we inevitably end up talking about Sons of Anarchy. We can't help it.

Meanwhile, we have some more great listener theories to end the show on! If you have a theory (the crazier the better!) don't be shy! Let us hear it: @PrettyLittlePod on twitter or a number of other ways you can find at our website! Take a hot second and leave us a good review on iTunes, too!

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{S05 E22} "To Plea or Not to Plea"

This week your hosts become legal analysts worthy of the best deep cable crime show. We break down Ali's case piece by piece and quickly discover that the evidence against her is thinner than an Olsen twin.

Meanwhile, Ezria is thwarted by a fence then breaks up, Spencer whores it up across two continents, Hanna tries to come clean to Tanner and Emily probably does something, too.

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'Allo Guv! Spencer goes to Oxford (which is the same thing as London I'm sure of it), Aria and Hanna think carjacking is synonomous with being set on fire and Emily isn't a good dancer. Her hair is, she isn't.

Meanwhile, your hosts attempt and English accent. The result? A pretty decent Australian accent.  

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{S05 E20} "Pretty Isn't the Point" with Amber Kenny!

This may be the greatest episode of television. Period. And it is serendipity that it was so dance heavy and we have the one and only Amber Kenny here to help us break it down! We meet B's favorite new character, Talia's husband. We learn what Mike has been up to and it involves longingly staring at vials of blood. Oh, and Hanna betrays all of her emotions (aka anger) in the greatest dance you will see this side of a Step Up movie!

Meanwhile, we talk about why Toby is one hundo percent in the right and Spencer is being a total @$$hole.

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{S05 E19} "Out, Damned Spot"

Mike is shirtless. Shirtless Mike. Everyone stay calm!

Meanwhile, Mathlete Andrew is pretty hot, also.

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{S05 E18} "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me"

Oh, don't worry, your insightful hosts talk about how truly horrific this episode title is. We cover it in depth. This is a busy episode. We try to help Lesli and Jonny find the missing letters from their names. We try to help Emily decipher Talia's mixed signals (that are not at all mixed) and ehlp Ezra's new business avoid a sexual harrassment suit all at the same time.

Meanwhile, we are basically just killing time until next week's episode as we have been promised an angry, shirtless, weight-lifting Mike.

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{S05 E17} "The Bin of Sin"

Hanna is in danger and the PLL gang concoct a plan to save her that is so complicated we don't even attempt to understand it. But, your intrepid hosts do talk about Ashley and Jason a lot. And how much Caleb adds to every single scene he is in and how Toby detracts. We also talk about Weak Link Emily's weakest linkiest moment to date. And that's saying something!

Meanwhile, Ali wasn't in this episode and we couldn't be happier about that.

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{S05 E16} "Over a Barrel" with Ervin Ross!

In the episode of PLL we are watched today Cancer (Caleb & Spencer) were detectiving again. They find a wealth of evidence that A has gathered from Mona's murder that can be used against them. And a barrel. They focus pretty much entirely on the barrel. Plus Ashley gets a peanut butter cookie proposal. And to get through it all we have awesome, wonderful and hilarious guest Ervin Ross (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation)! He even drops some PLL theories on us that, for someone's first viewing, are remarkably on point. 

Meanwhile, we ponder Jonny's upbringing due to his proclivity towards diggin through stranger's trash bins. 

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{S05 E15} "Fresh Meat"

I honestly don't know where to start. Officer Toby is ignoring evidence, the school has a kiln room that Spencer and Caleb think is going to EVAPORATE METAL and Jonny is moving into the guest house. You guys, PLL is on point.

Meanwhile, top chef Emily makes a recipe that for some reason involves coring grapes. This ep is gangbusters so hit play and let's do this!

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{S05 E14} "Through a Glass, Darkly" with Julia W.D. Harrison!

We are back with a vengeance to cover the winter premiere of PLL with our longest episode to date! Why so long? We had the sheer pleasure of being joined by our most involved and engaged guest ever, Julia WD Harrison! She did her homework and watched a lot of PLL before she came in. So we get some awesome retro season one talk in. We also talk about the winter premiere so have no fears. We ponder the "A" fireworks, welcome Ali to the clink and get into why someone would wear leis to a funeral.

Meanwhile, Julia leads us to analyze PLL on a deeper level and we really fall into a wormhole of tv comparisons and the psychology of the show. No, seriously. It's falcon amazing!

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