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{S05 E15} "Fresh Meat"

I honestly don't know where to start. Officer Toby is ignoring evidence, the school has a kiln room that Spencer and Caleb think is going to EVAPORATE METAL and Jonny is moving into the guest house. You guys, PLL is on point.

Meanwhile, top chef Emily makes a recipe that for some reason involves coring grapes. This ep is gangbusters so hit play and let's do this!

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{S05 E14} "Through a Glass, Darkly" with Julia W.D. Harrison!

We are back with a vengeance to cover the winter premiere of PLL with our longest episode to date! Why so long? We had the sheer pleasure of being joined by our most involved and engaged guest ever, Julia WD Harrison! She did her homework and watched a lot of PLL before she came in. So we get some awesome retro season one talk in. We also talk about the winter premiere so have no fears. We ponder the "A" fireworks, welcome Ali to the clink and get into why someone would wear leis to a funeral.

Meanwhile, Julia leads us to analyze PLL on a deeper level and we really fall into a wormhole of tv comparisons and the psychology of the show. No, seriously. It's falcon amazing!

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