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{S05 E25} "Welcome to the Dollhouse"

The whole gang (M & M & B) is here! We enter the Dollhouse and, frankly, we never want to leave! The Dollhouse is so much better than prison. We get to decorate for a creepy opera prom, watch old home movies, have access to all the Twinkies we can eat (even though there is no where to go the bathroom), wear fancy dresses (obvs) and, most fun, we learn how to make an EMP! 

Meanwhile, Toby handles a weapon for the first time and the Hastings parents are back and lawyering all over the place!

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{S05 E24} "I'm a Good Girl, I Am"

The penultimate episode of season five of Pretty Little Liars is here and there is no shortage of things to talk about! Such as Perd Hapley! Tether ball! Ali's verdict! Archery! Grapefruits! Bob Durst! OJ! And other trials that were based in the real world!

Meanwhile, we read some awesome listener theories and get in a nice preview of next week's season finale. We cannot wait to get into The Dollhouse!

You can send us your theories from the sane to the hail marys (ALL of our contact info is at And please take a moment to leave us a good review on iTunes. We would appreciate that as much as Ali would appreciate a competant defense attorney!

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{S05 E23} "The Melody Lingers On"

The melody lingers on? Ali's f&#@ing trial lingers on! This may be the shortest murder trial of all time but still feels like its dragging! We therefore talk about the cavalcade of legal inaccuracies that permeate the air. We also chat about how effortlessly Caleb slipped in to the group in Hanna's absence. Uh, we love Caleb. Don't you love Caleb? Aria is also oddly on point this episode. Basically, PLL is killing time until the alleged #BigAReveal in the season finale so we inevitably end up talking about Sons of Anarchy. We can't help it.

Meanwhile, we have some more great listener theories to end the show on! If you have a theory (the crazier the better!) don't be shy! Let us hear it: @PrettyLittlePod on twitter or a number of other ways you can find at our website! Take a hot second and leave us a good review on iTunes, too!

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{S05 E22} "To Plea or Not to Plea"

This week your hosts become legal analysts worthy of the best deep cable crime show. We break down Ali's case piece by piece and quickly discover that the evidence against her is thinner than an Olsen twin.

Meanwhile, Ezria is thwarted by a fence then breaks up, Spencer whores it up across two continents, Hanna tries to come clean to Tanner and Emily probably does something, too.

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'Allo Guv! Spencer goes to Oxford (which is the same thing as London I'm sure of it), Aria and Hanna think carjacking is synonomous with being set on fire and Emily isn't a good dancer. Her hair is, she isn't.

Meanwhile, your hosts attempt and English accent. The result? A pretty decent Australian accent.  

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