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{S06 E04} "Don't Look Now"

This was a great episode of Pretty Little Liars! And you know this is an important episode because there is a Chad Lowe budget. That's right, Aria's dad is back from weekend college to help his daughter through her PTS. We learn so much about Charles and some of it may even be true! Plus, Caleb. He just gets his awesomeness all over everything as per usual. To kick off the episode, M & B discuss their very first one star review from iTunes. Melissa may have taken it a little personally, you guys.

Meanwhile, we naturally have to take a moment to discuss the cancellation of our Side Piece Show, Hannibal. It is a sad day, Fannibals. If you're getting caught up (Ashton), there are very minor Hannibal spoilers.

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{S06 E03} "Songs of Experience" with special guest Tom McNab!

You've heard us read his theories on almost every episode and now he is finally on the show! Ladies and gentlemen, we have the utterly delightful and insightful Tom Mcnab as our super special guest! He brings the genius theories and pretty much schools your humble hosts with his PLL knowledge. And that's a good thing because Dr. Sullivan is back, Sara Harvey is getting close to Weak Link Emily, Junkie Spencer is about to make a comeback and we need Tom's Brain more than ever!

Meanwhile, we learn that blue is not Spencer's color (like, at all) and why the stylists on this show hate Ali.

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{S06 E02} "Songs of Innocence"

Somebody turn on a light because Pretty Little Liars is getting dark! And by dark we mean an entire episode devoted to the Liars dealing with Post Traumatic Stress and lots (and lots) of rape allusions. But luckily the girls have their parents to walk behind them and whine that they aren't getting over things quick enough. All the moms are here and are all, pretty much, monsters to their traumatized children. This may be a brutal episode but at least Melissa ends the podcast with an uplifting song that may or may not involve Nazis.

Meanwhile, Rosewood PD has instituted the "Fresh Perspectives" program and race relations in Rosewood take two steps forward and one giant step back.

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{S06 E01} "Game On, Charles"

Remember how bonkers the season finale of season five was? Season six picks up right where it left off and does not miss a beat! Your intrepid hosts are here to break down the madness. The girls are still in The Dollhouse and Charles' plan is really coming together. We have some AMAZING listener theories to share. Seriously, you guys brought it. So what are you still reading this for? Hit play and let's get back into The Dollhouse!

Meanwhile, Toby calls Spencer "babe" and it is somehow the creepiest thing in an episode filled with rape allusions and Ezra's pedophile beard.

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