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{S06 E10} "Game Over, Charles"

You guys. Seriously. The Summer of Answers is no joke. Granted, we got all the answers in the span of 42 minutes but, damnit, we still got 'em! Your humble hosts break down each answer and, since this is Pretty Little Liars, each new question thrown out by this gonzo bonkers episode. Let's dig in!

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{S06 E09} "Last Dance"

NOTE: PLL talk starts at minute 42!

Now, last week we asked for prom stories and you guys did not disappoint! We start off by reading the most enthralling listener prom tales. You guys just need to hear to believe. Ben's prom actually wasn't too bad as it turns out.

And it is great that there were prom tales to share because this episode of Pretty Little Liars was almost wall to wall filler! Well, except for the Real Housewives of Rosewood. We could've watched an entire hour of that and been more than happy. Cuz the #PLLProm was, let's face it, a real snoozer.

Meanwhile, awesome listener @zipper_pull HAND STITCHED a fantastic PLL pillow and wants to give it away to one of our dear listeners! All the details are contained within so listen up!

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