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{S06 E13} "The Gloves Are On"

Angry Ezra is our favorite Ezra but we still definitely don't want to read a book written by Ezria.  Emily is bad at keeping her secret and Hanna and Lucas are terrible liars. It may not sound like it, but this was a pretty great episode!

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{S06 E12} "Charlotte's Web"

Spaleb? Cancer? Handan? Janna? So many new ship possibilities yet still so much reminding us of the past. Why are all the girls dealing in secrets again? Well, except for Spencer who is telling anyone that will listen about a paper she wrote in college. As if every episode of Murder, She Wrote doesn't tell the same story, Spence.

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{S06 E11} "Of Late I Think of Rosewood" with special guest Molly McAleer!

After the longest hiatus in recorded history, PLL is back! And for this special 5 Years Forward premiere episode we are simply over the moon to have Molly McAleer join us in the dollhouse (what if we called our "podcast studio" the dollhouse? I think we will)!

Who has grown the most? Whose fashion is the best? Who is the new murderer in town? Will Emily ever get a storyline we care about? So many questions!!

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