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{BONUS} The Cinematic Defenders

Hello Pretty Little Podcasters Listeners! Ben here! I just wanted to introduce you to my new podcast called The Cinematic Defenders! On it, I (along with different special guests each episode) come to the defense of movies that have a bad wrap. We come at these movies with fresh eyes and optimistic hearts! On the premiere episode we are watching Man of Steel and I am overjoyed to have the wonderful Mike Schmidt and our very own Marissa (who was a Superman movie virgin before this podcast) as my premiere guests! 

I really hope you guys enjoy it and if you do, I would be overjoyed if you subscribed! You can find the show on iTunes. You can also subscribe directly via the RSS feed at

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{S06 E17} "We've All Got Baggage" with CAbernet And A!

It is a fantastical crossover event with Sue Funke and Chelsea White of CAbernet And A! It is the perfect episode to have Chelsea and Sue here, too, since this was yet another filler episode that was lined wall to wall with boring white dudes from muppet-voiced Liam to Melba Toast Rollins (to quote Chelsea). So, we might go off the rails a time or two but that's how you like it anyway, don't lie.

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{S06 E16} "Where Somebody Waits For Me"

So little happens in this episode we resort to #FunHerpesFacts again. Wish we were kidding. We were just inundated with super boring white guys like Liam and Dr. Rollins that are so clearly just placeholders we don't need to care about which is great because we definitely don't. At least we get some Mona and some Tanner to breath life into this episode!

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{S06 E15} "Do Not Disturb"

Fair warning, Melissa & Ben were super punchy during this episode. It has been a really long week, you guys. But, luckily, not much happened in this episode so it's cool. M & B do, however, spend an inordinate amount of time convincing themselves that Sara Harvey (aka Sharvey) does indeed think she is in actuality a robot.

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{S06 E14} "New Guys, New Lies"

We're still all fully on board with Spaleb, right? Seeing Toby only cements that, doesn't it? Even though we LOVE his new girlfriend! I mean, she's a person of color so she is not long for this world if she stays in Rosewood but we still love her. We talk about all that and how all the white dudes in Rosewood all play golf, apparently.

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