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Tom & Ben discuss the seminal (what does that word mean, by the way?) horror classic from John Carpenter! Tom even reads from his essays about the movie. Yeah, pural. EssayS. He is a true Halloween fan if his love of Tina didn't already tip you off. 

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Alright, y'all, reset your timelines because we are having a spoiler-filled discussion about the newest Halloween. So snuggle up in your panic room and hit play! 

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MORE of the night Tom and Ben disagreed about a movie called Halloween 2. We are both, however, pleased to discuss the first and only movie in the franchise with some much needed male nudity. Thanks, Bud. 

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This movie is basically the meet-cute between Loomis and Jamie. You know, before he spends the entirety of part 5 mentally destroying her. We also discuss the franchise timeline (it all adds up perfectly, don't worry), who is Jamie's father, why/how Jamie has a picture of her murderous uncle, just all the essentials. 

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Is Tina one of the deepest and richest characters in the entire franchise? That's a legit discussion that happens on this episode. 

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Words like "bonkers" and "lunacy" are thrown around a lot in this episode because there are just few other adjectives that so appropriately describe this movie. A movie that made Michael Myers the bumbling sidekick in his own franchise. And that is before we even get to the Producer's Cut and it gets all power-of-the-runes on us. We had great green gobs of fun talking about this movie and hope you all enjoy it, too!

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Halloween: Resurrection took a lot out of us but we are professionals so we're back! This one movie contains so much iconography from the franchise and also oodles of references to the preceding movies and other horror franchises. There is much to discuss so don't lose your head (see what I did there?), just hit play and join us! 

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The reception this film got led to the studio completely rebooting the franchise. Is it really that bad?! Yes. Yes, it is. A thousand times yes. But Tom & Ben still go in with open minds and warm hearts to break down Halloween: Resurrection! 

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Melissa is back in the podcasting dollhouse with Ben to talk some teens! That sounds weird but we explain it in the episode. It is still weird once you hear it explained. Fair warning.

On the premiere outing of the Scary Summer Scream Fest we are covering the remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street!

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Rob Zombie's take on Halloween was a box office smash hit (it still holds the record for biggest Labor Day opening in the US of A) but fans are still split on this half origin story / half remake. Ben and Tom break it all down and split on which half of the movie they prefer. 

We want to hear your thoughts (even if you're wrong and think Scout Taylor Compton is a good Laurie Strode) so let us hear em:

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The first episode of our Halloween retrospective has finally arrived! Tom and Ben are covering what could easily be the most controversial flick of the entire franchise, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 (or as the cool kids call it, H2). 

RIP to the wonderful Margot Kidder who passed away after this episode was recorded. 

We want to hear your thoughts (even if you're wrong and hate Halloween 2) so let us hear em:

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Join Ben and Tom as they do a deep dive retrospective on all the Halloween movies from Rob Zombie's remake to the 1978 classic that started it all. This limited series will then conclude with a weekend of release review of the brand new Halloween! On today's episode, we tell you what prompted all this and we react to the recently released first trailer for Halloween! If you've never seen a Halloween movie, now's the time to jump on board! Think of them like PLL: it started off really well, got pretty murky in the middle, the stuff fans didn't like got retconned out of existence, the timeline's a complete mess only this time the killer is actually pretty adept at killing teenagers. 

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