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The first episode of our Halloween retrospective has finally arrived! Tom and Ben are covering what could easily be the most controversial flick of the entire franchise, Rob Zombie's Halloween 2 (or as the cool kids call it, H2). 

RIP to the wonderful Margot Kidder who passed away after this episode was recorded. 

We want to hear your thoughts (even if you're wrong and hate Halloween 2) so let us hear em:

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Join Ben and Tom as they do a deep dive retrospective on all the Halloween movies from Rob Zombie's remake to the 1978 classic that started it all. This limited series will then conclude with a weekend of release review of the brand new Halloween! On today's episode, we tell you what prompted all this and we react to the recently released first trailer for Halloween! If you've never seen a Halloween movie, now's the time to jump on board! Think of them like PLL: it started off really well, got pretty murky in the middle, the stuff fans didn't like got retconned out of existence, the timeline's a complete mess only this time the killer is actually pretty adept at killing teenagers. 

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