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{S05 E20} "Pretty Isn't the Point" with Amber Kenny!

This may be the greatest episode of television. Period. And it is serendipity that it was so dance heavy and we have the one and only Amber Kenny here to help us break it down! We meet B's favorite new character, Talia's husband. We learn what Mike has been up to and it involves longingly staring at vials of blood. Oh, and Hanna betrays all of her emotions (aka anger) in the greatest dance you will see this side of a Step Up movie!

Meanwhile, we talk about why Toby is one hundo percent in the right and Spencer is being a total @$$hole.

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{S05 E19} "Out, Damned Spot"

Mike is shirtless. Shirtless Mike. Everyone stay calm!

Meanwhile, Mathlete Andrew is pretty hot, also.

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{S05 E18} "Oh, What Hard Luck Stories They All Hand Me"

Oh, don't worry, your insightful hosts talk about how truly horrific this episode title is. We cover it in depth. This is a busy episode. We try to help Lesli and Jonny find the missing letters from their names. We try to help Emily decipher Talia's mixed signals (that are not at all mixed) and ehlp Ezra's new business avoid a sexual harrassment suit all at the same time.

Meanwhile, we are basically just killing time until next week's episode as we have been promised an angry, shirtless, weight-lifting Mike.

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{S05 E17} "The Bin of Sin"

Hanna is in danger and the PLL gang concoct a plan to save her that is so complicated we don't even attempt to understand it. But, your intrepid hosts do talk about Ashley and Jason a lot. And how much Caleb adds to every single scene he is in and how Toby detracts. We also talk about Weak Link Emily's weakest linkiest moment to date. And that's saying something!

Meanwhile, Ali wasn't in this episode and we couldn't be happier about that.

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{S05 E16} "Over a Barrel" with Ervin Ross!

In the episode of PLL we are watched today Cancer (Caleb & Spencer) were detectiving again. They find a wealth of evidence that A has gathered from Mona's murder that can be used against them. And a barrel. They focus pretty much entirely on the barrel. Plus Ashley gets a peanut butter cookie proposal. And to get through it all we have awesome, wonderful and hilarious guest Ervin Ross (Comedy Bang! Bang!, The Mindy Project, Parks and Recreation)! He even drops some PLL theories on us that, for someone's first viewing, are remarkably on point. 

Meanwhile, we ponder Jonny's upbringing due to his proclivity towards diggin through stranger's trash bins. 

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