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{S06 E08} "FrAmed"

Well, it was another Pretty Little Liars filler episode as we kill time before a giant big ol' reveal. We got some more Clark (never a bad thing), met a sexy new "Faux-Laurentis" called Rhys and Ali completely f**ks over Lorenzo. He should have seen that coming, this one's on him. He was warned. By literally everyone.

Meanwhile, we could not more be looking forward to next week's super fancy PLL prom! So, Marissa and Ben chat about the difference between a Los Angeles, California prom and a Butte, Montana prom. Turns out the differences are everything.

Also, be sure to check out our other podcast Murder, We Spoke this week because not only did we get in some great PLL talk but we had an AMAZING guest, Molly McAleer!

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{S06 E07} "O Brother, Where Art Thou" with Chelsea & Sue of CAbernet And A!

Alright guys, your letter writing campaign has finally paid off and the PLL podcast crossover event you've been demanding has arrived! The insanely wonderful hosts of CAbernet And A are our guests (or actually we are their guests, technically)! And even though half the episode was Emily and Sara's awkward non-romantic romance it still gave us a lot to talk about. You want an example? How about Mike's horrific bleached, torn and bedazzled denim shirt that he stole off the set of Nashville? Yeah, we dig down deep into the most important Pretty Little Liars issues of the day.

And once you listen to the episode you are going to want to follow the amazing and hilarious Chelsea White (@TheChelseaWhite) and Sue Funke (@TheSueFunke) on Twitter because, in case we haven't mentioned it, they're fantastic.

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{S06 E06} "No Stone Unturned"

Lesli can afford a Range Rover. She's a mentally unstable TA and she's driving a brand new Range Rover. I take the bus. F**k her.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Marin facilitates a good deep dickin' for her daughter.

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{S06 E05} "She's No Angel"

This was such an amazing episode of Pretty Little Liars! I am not going to lie, your hosts were like cats chasing laser pointers and really just went all over the place. It is a real stream of consciousness podcast so buckle in. I mean, Ali is kissing Lorenzo, Weak Link Emily in full force, Mean Dean is back, A has boobies, Hanna has never looked better, where's Ezra, do the writers even know how weed works at all... Whew, as you can see there is much to discuss.

Meanwhile, the first full 20 minutes may be TV talk unrelated to PLL. You know how we get.

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