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{S07 E05} "Along Comes Mary"

This episode may as well have just been called "Just look how damn good Noel Kahn looks now, you guys."

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{S07 E04} "Hit and Run, Run, Run"

Marissa is back from the near-dead! And, as it happens, Jenna and Mona are, too! The appearance of these old familiar faces lead to some fun reminiscing about the history of PLL until one of our chairs tries to kill us.

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{S07 E03} "The Talented Mr. Rollins"

After two lackluster episodes, season seven comes roaring to life! In fact, the appearance of an Amish girl with dolls of the PLLs is only like the fourth most interesting part of the episode!

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{S07 E02} "Bedlam"

What were the three highlights of this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Glad you asked. They were: 1. Hanna's boobs, 2. Ali's wet neck and 3. infant mortality.

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