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In this simulcast with Yas Queen: The Podcast, Ben is joined by his buddy Ash to break down King Cobra! This movie stars Keegan Allen and I am happy to report we are definitely not Palo Alto'd. He and his abs and his buttocks are ALL prominently featured in this movie. 

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E04}

Guys, Ben's super punchy and he may be watching this season as a modern retelling of The Shining and Katie is playing the Jack Nicholson role. I guess that makes Schwartz the Shelley Duvall? Yeah, that actually makes sense. 

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E03}

Katie is still a mean girl and James is still killin it on the DJ front.

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E02}

Pretty Little Podcasters presents... Vanderpump Fools!

Welcome back to our Vanderpump Rules featurette! Today we discuss the ongoing fallout of MuffinGate, the cultural ignorance of Lisa Vanderpump and why Kristin should totally visit Yulin, China. Please forgive the ambient noises, we will record inside of doors next time, I promise.

Have any thoughts you want to share? Let's Vander-hear them!

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E01}

Pretty Little Podcasters presents... Vanderpump Fools: a Vanderpump Rules Podcast Featurette!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if the worst inhabitants of Rosewood moved to Los Angeles and worked at a Real Housewife's restaurant? Okay, that's a thin connection to PLL, we admit that. But you're legit not gonna find a better way to get through this long hiatus than watching a reality show that features a young lady from Kentucky get berated by her scumbag boyfriend into getting a double-D boob job. Is that any worse that what Ezra's done? You be the judge.

Also, to the listener who came up with the great idea for the name Vanderpump Fools, thank you! Remind us who you are and we will give you full credit :)

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{S07 E10} "The DArkest Knight"

A lot happened in the final mid-season finale of PLL. Did all of it make sense? Well,no. Did even most of it make sense? No, not really. We break down every ship and every death (there was only one, at most btw) and we spend a lot of time defending Noel and Jenna. And even more time discussing the looped conversation about Ramen that was pivotal to this episode for some reason.

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{S07 E09} "The Wrath of Kahn"

Paige is creepin again, Emily is worthless again (read: still), Aria is relieved some poor Australian girl is still dead, Noel is still looking super hot, that is, until Hanna caves in his skull with a metal pipe. It almost sounds like this was an eventful episode, doesn't it?

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{S07 E08} "Exes and OMGs"

We talk about the welcome return of Grunwald and the supernatural element of the show, Noel's deadly hotness and Aria's scene stealing. We read some great listener tweets and theories. And on-air we deal with literally having seen a man die fifteen minutes before we started recording.

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{S07 E07} "Original G'A'ngsters"

Yeah, not a typo, that is the actual title of this episode of PLL. It should give you an idea of what we're in for. In this episode Ben & Melissa discuss how car alarms work since no one on the set or in the writer's room at PLL seems to have the foggiest idea and the movie The Notebook comes up a lot. Like, a lot.

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{S07 E06} "Wanted: Dead or Alive"

After an absolutely unnecessary one week hiatus, PLL is back and so are we! It is another experimental episode of the podcast. All three of your hosts are here this week, just not all together at any point. Listen and it will make sense. Hope you guys enjoy it!

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{S07 E05} "Along Comes Mary"

This episode may as well have just been called "Just look how damn good Noel Kahn looks now, you guys."

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{S07 E04} "Hit and Run, Run, Run"

Marissa is back from the near-dead! And, as it happens, Jenna and Mona are, too! The appearance of these old familiar faces lead to some fun reminiscing about the history of PLL until one of our chairs tries to kill us.

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{S07 E03} "The Talented Mr. Rollins"

After two lackluster episodes, season seven comes roaring to life! In fact, the appearance of an Amish girl with dolls of the PLLs is only like the fourth most interesting part of the episode!

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{S07 E02} "Bedlam"

What were the three highlights of this episode of Pretty Little Liars? Glad you asked. They were: 1. Hanna's boobs, 2. Ali's wet neck and 3. infant mortality.

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{S07 E01} "Tick-Tock, Bitches"

PLL is back! And the liars have 24 hours to save Hanna! We see that some of the girls spend their time tending to their sexual desires as opposed to trying to rescue their friend but whatever. Does the premiere improve upon the lackluster end to last season? Listen and find out!

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How bad is the teaser poster for season seven? Well, we saw it while at work and fled to an empty office to immediately discuss it and we thought we'd record it, too, so you all can join in the discussion.

If you haven't seen this monstrosity yet, head over to our twitter @PrettyLittlePod and check it out.

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Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner's Daredevil is criminally underrated. And we're gonna prove it!

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There's a kind of hush all over the world tonight...

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{S06 E19} "Did You Miss Me?"

You guys, things went wrong trying to get this episode to you. So many things.

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{S06 E18} "Burn This"

This week's episode of Pretty Little Liars was definitely a step up from the last three, but was it enough to break this PLL slump? You'll have to listen to find out!

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{BONUS} The Cinematic Defenders

Hello Pretty Little Podcasters Listeners! Ben here! I just wanted to introduce you to my new podcast called The Cinematic Defenders! On it, I (along with different special guests each episode) come to the defense of movies that have a bad wrap. We come at these movies with fresh eyes and optimistic hearts! On the premiere episode we are watching Man of Steel and I am overjoyed to have the wonderful Mike Schmidt and our very own Marissa (who was a Superman movie virgin before this podcast) as my premiere guests! 

I really hope you guys enjoy it and if you do, I would be overjoyed if you subscribed! You can find the show on iTunes. You can also subscribe directly via the RSS feed at

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{S06 E17} "We've All Got Baggage" with CAbernet And A!

It is a fantastical crossover event with Sue Funke and Chelsea White of CAbernet And A! It is the perfect episode to have Chelsea and Sue here, too, since this was yet another filler episode that was lined wall to wall with boring white dudes from muppet-voiced Liam to Melba Toast Rollins (to quote Chelsea). So, we might go off the rails a time or two but that's how you like it anyway, don't lie.

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{S06 E16} "Where Somebody Waits For Me"

So little happens in this episode we resort to #FunHerpesFacts again. Wish we were kidding. We were just inundated with super boring white guys like Liam and Dr. Rollins that are so clearly just placeholders we don't need to care about which is great because we definitely don't. At least we get some Mona and some Tanner to breath life into this episode!

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{S06 E15} "Do Not Disturb"

Fair warning, Melissa & Ben were super punchy during this episode. It has been a really long week, you guys. But, luckily, not much happened in this episode so it's cool. M & B do, however, spend an inordinate amount of time convincing themselves that Sara Harvey (aka Sharvey) does indeed think she is in actuality a robot.

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{S06 E14} "New Guys, New Lies"

We're still all fully on board with Spaleb, right? Seeing Toby only cements that, doesn't it? Even though we LOVE his new girlfriend! I mean, she's a person of color so she is not long for this world if she stays in Rosewood but we still love her. We talk about all that and how all the white dudes in Rosewood all play golf, apparently.

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{S06 E13} "The Gloves Are On"

Angry Ezra is our favorite Ezra but we still definitely don't want to read a book written by Ezria.  Emily is bad at keeping her secret and Hanna and Lucas are terrible liars. It may not sound like it, but this was a pretty great episode!

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{S06 E12} "Charlotte's Web"

Spaleb? Cancer? Handan? Janna? So many new ship possibilities yet still so much reminding us of the past. Why are all the girls dealing in secrets again? Well, except for Spencer who is telling anyone that will listen about a paper she wrote in college. As if every episode of Murder, She Wrote doesn't tell the same story, Spence.

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{S06 E11} "Of Late I Think of Rosewood" with special guest Molly McAleer!

After the longest hiatus in recorded history, PLL is back! And for this special 5 Years Forward premiere episode we are simply over the moon to have Molly McAleer join us in the dollhouse (what if we called our "podcast studio" the dollhouse? I think we will)!

Who has grown the most? Whose fashion is the best? Who is the new murderer in town? Will Emily ever get a storyline we care about? So many questions!!

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