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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E04}

Guys, Ben's super punchy and he may be watching this season as a modern retelling of The Shining and Katie is playing the Jack Nicholson role. I guess that makes Schwartz the Shelley Duvall? Yeah, that actually makes sense. 

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E03}

Katie is still a mean girl and James is still killin it on the DJ front.

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E02}

Pretty Little Podcasters presents... Vanderpump Fools!

Welcome back to our Vanderpump Rules featurette! Today we discuss the ongoing fallout of MuffinGate, the cultural ignorance of Lisa Vanderpump and why Kristin should totally visit Yulin, China. Please forgive the ambient noises, we will record inside of doors next time, I promise.

Have any thoughts you want to share? Let's Vander-hear them!

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Vanderpump Fools {S05 E01}

Pretty Little Podcasters presents... Vanderpump Fools: a Vanderpump Rules Podcast Featurette!

Did you ever wonder what would happen if the worst inhabitants of Rosewood moved to Los Angeles and worked at a Real Housewife's restaurant? Okay, that's a thin connection to PLL, we admit that. But you're legit not gonna find a better way to get through this long hiatus than watching a reality show that features a young lady from Kentucky get berated by her scumbag boyfriend into getting a double-D boob job. Is that any worse that what Ezra's done? You be the judge.

Also, to the listener who came up with the great idea for the name Vanderpump Fools, thank you! Remind us who you are and we will give you full credit :)

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